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Captive Lion Breeding & Canned Lion Hunting Damaging Brand South Africa (Credit: Campaign Against Canned Hunting) (pdf)


Africa's Lions in Crisis (Credit: Panthera, WildCru & Wildaid) (pdf)


Lion Breeding Report (Credit: Born Free Foundation) (pdf)


Exploiting the tiger (Credit: Care for the Wild International) (pdf)


Performing Animals Report (Credit: Born Free Foundation)( (pdf)


Cuddle Me, Kill Me by Richard Peirce

A searing investigation into captive lion breeding and canned hunting in South Africa. A must read for anyone interested in this sector or thinking of volunteering to rear lion cubs, Cuddle Me, Kill Me follows ITV's The Cook Report, Gareth Patterson's Dying to be Free, and Blood Lions exposing how the king of the animal world has been reduced to being farmed like domestic livestock. 

Part of the author's royalties are being donated to the Born Free Foundation.

About the author

Richard Peirce has had a lifelong passion for wildlife, and sharks in particular have fascinated him all his life. He has been fortunate enough to encounters nature's most iconic animals all over the world.

Richard is a committed wildlife conservationist who now spends all of his time on various projects trying to contribute to the conservation of specific species. 

Research for Cuddle Me, Kill Me started in late 2016, and this in-depth expose of South Africa's captive lion breeding industry was published in mid-2018. The book tells the true story of two lions which were rescued from South Africa's brutal predator breeding industry. 

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