Our Call to Action

By creating global awareness about the plight of the big cats we will not only help to educate the public but we will also give them a Call to Action-empowering them to play an active role in protecting big cats for future generations.  

Our Call to Action will involve talking about and providing information on a whole host of issues that these big cats face every day, such as but not limited to, the canned lion hunting industry and its commercial spin offs - breeding, petting, walking with lions and the bone trade; human wildlife conflict; illegal trophy hunting; poaching; live animal entertainment; habitat loss and disease.

We will unite more people to take a stand against government legislation- for instance legislation regarding trophy hunting and the imports and exports of trophies. We will encourage people to join global marches and other similar public demonstrations and protests, and sign global petitions. 

We will educate the public on ways to participate in responsible tourism instead of supporting unethical animal facilities that offer activities such as pay-to-pet, walking with big cats and tiger selfies.

Knowledge is a powerful tool and with the power of knowledge people can make conscious and responsible decisions and create solutions that will provide a better future for big cats.

Images © Gareth James Legg & Tracey Bruton

Lion with lock image © Pippa Hankinson

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