our mascots

Our beautiful custom- and hand-made mascots represent the lion, leopard and tiger, and will be worn by the expedition team members for all trekking activities, as well as on any school activities and other public opportunities to draw attention to the campaign. 

The expedition has a number of challenging factors due to extreme heat in the mascots, extreme cold due to the altitude, and to the potential effects of altitude sickness. All the above challenges for the expedition team members create a wonderful analogy and story around the daily struggles that the large iconic cats face daily to survive.

The look and feel of the mascots are as lifelike as possible to maximize the impact that they will have for the  campaign. 

the lion

Final 3D mockup of the lion mascot

the tiger

Final 3D mockup of the tiger mascot

the leopard

Final 3D mockup of the leopard mascot

Images © Gareth James Legg & Tracey Bruton

Lion with lock image © Pippa Hankinson

The Born Free Foundation page image © Born Free Foundation