expedition Team

Gareth James Legg

Founder, expedition manager, “The Lion”

From a small boy Gareth has been passionate about wildlife and the environment, which led to him spending 13 years as a safari guide, where his love for the big cats was born. Each guided venture with Gareth was approached with unequalled enthusiasm. 

He has been involved in numerous conservation campaigns and fundraisers, as well as environmental education projects for the youth. He also had the privilege of working hands on with wild animals through conservation projects. 

Over the years his passion for the large cats grew, and it saddens him greatly to think that future generations may not be able to enjoy seeing these majestic cats alive in the wild if we don’t do massive conservation work to help to save them.

Trek for Big Cats has been a lifelong dream to be able to create awareness and funding to ensure that these regal cats remain extant for generations to enjoy. 

Tracey Bruton

Co-founder, media liaison, “The Leopard”

For all her life, Tracey has loved nature and been enthusiastic about the protection of the environment. 

For a decade, Tracey worked in the television and film industry in South Africa and on projects abroad, in many varied positions such as cameraperson, editor, researcher, production manager, expedition manager, presenter and media liaison, and in productions from live television shows to travel and nature documentaries.

At present Tracey is a safari guide in the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa, where she has been enthusiastically taking visitors on game drives in the ‘bush’ where she teaches about animals great and small, and the environment they live in. She is a passionate conservationist and eco-warrior, incorporating her dedication to animals and the environment into her daily life. 

Spending time immersed in nature and hiking is a favourite pastime, and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be involved in Trek for Big Cats is one that she has been wanting to take part in her many years- to be able to do something good that is bigger than herself.

Timothy Jansen Van Vuuren

Cinematographer, "The Tiger"

From a young age, Tim was taken into the African bush by his family on many occasions where he developed his love and respect for nature and wildlife in all respects. The main influencer being his grandfather who taught him to respect life in all its wonderous shapes and forms as well as to understand the intricate balance of nature. 

For 5 years Tim has been working in Southern Africa as a safari guide, game ranger, wildlife cinematographer, editor and conservationist. 

He developed his passion for filming through working with film crews in the bush and came to understand that it is an artistic medium which large numbers of people respond to, and has an educational impact that stretches globally and is an invaluable conservation tool.

support team

Lukas Svoboda

Photographer and support team member

I am an enthusiastic photographer with degree in Film & Visual Culture. 

At a young age I was in awe of my grandfather who travelled the world for work documenting this through photography. I used to play with his old cameras trying to emulate his images. This inspired me to study Film and Visual Culture. 

Over the past 5 years I have been travelling, capturing images and videos from around the world working with both analogue and digital mediums. I am passionate about cinematography and media and have been part of several film and photography projects. 

Trek for Big Cats is an exciting venture for a great cause, and I am proud to be part of the team and to capture the journey visually. 

Images © Gareth James Legg & Tracey Bruton

Lion with lock image © Pippa Hankinson

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